5 Must-have Cargo Pants For Women

Jun 30, 21
5 Must-have Cargo Pants For Women

This year is all about embracing streetwear-inspired trends! One of the key apparels gaining popularity is baggy cargo pants for women, which were originally designed for functionality.

While you might remember women’s cargo pants trending back in the early 2000s, these aren’t your old-dated loose pants or trousers anymore! The newer generation of celebrities like Billie Ellish, Gigi Hadid, Jessica Alba, and more are catching up with this trend with a fresh look. Cargo pants are easy to style and are perfect for almost any occasion.

The History of Cargo Pants

Though baggy cargo pants were a major fashion trend in the 1990s, the history of these pants is purely functional. Cargo pants were first worn by soldiers as early as the 1930s as they provided storage and easy access to gear. 

Brown cargo pants rose onto the fashion scene in the mid-to-late 1990s and were first worn as fashion by urban hip-hop performers. Although the cargo pockets on most pants were functional, they were simply worn as decorative details and for comfort.

Styling up with Cargo Pants

There are a bunch of ways to sport a pair of baggy cargo pants. Here are a couple of styling tricks to help put your best foot forward.

1. Cruise the Street with High Waisted Cargo Pants:

Angelina Summer pants are stylishly tied towards the bottom with ribbon, zipper or any other piece of fabric and look great in this designer style. If you want to rock a street style that has the perfect blend of bohemian and comfort elements, then you can consider pairing your high-waisted cargo pants with white or black tees. This look is perfect for a casual get-together with friends or to run quick errands. You can finish your look with a great pair of shoes and accessorize to add some shine to the attire.

High Waisted Cargo Pants

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2. Sweet Pink to Spice Up your Day:

Incredibly hot weather is on the way, and it's time to reach for your summer staple: pink cargo pants! Once you start wearing this daring color during these months of warm days, it will be hard not to wear them every day. Throw on a white shirt and wedges, or rompers if you're feeling extra bold. You can't go wrong; try any shade from salmon pink to rose-gold for tons of combinations with different items in your closet.

Pink Patchwork Cargo Pants

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3. Aesthetic Khaki is the New Black:

A good-looking pair of 20’s fashion khaki cargo pants are a wardrobe staple, and these do the job well. Khaki cargo pants have a great fit with some stretch which will make it easy for you to move around effortlessly on whatever adventure pops up that day. Style up with a blazer which will give you impeccable class and sophistication in under five minutes or show off some skin with the v-cut tank. No matter how you style up, Khaki cargo pants will make you look polished without any fuss!

Cargo Ruched High Waist Pants

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4. Feel Fresh in Innocent Mint:

Keep the style of your life light and refreshing when you wear mint y2k style cargo pants. A pair of mint cargo pants are perfect for anyone who wants to stand out in a sea of fashion, not on top of it. You can easily add a feminine touch to your looks by opting for an airy polka dot blouse or flats or even pump. Mint cargo pants blend easily with other colors or drape over a denim jacket. And don’t forget to accessorize with contrasting colors to make your attire stand out. 

Mint Casual Cargo Pants

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5. Lavender for a Natural Living:

The perfect fashion accessory for the fall season: lavender cargo pants. Lavender is a subtle color that you can highlight with more extravagant pieces. These are ideal for work as they go well with a white shirt or blouse, and can also be worn at elegant events, thanks to its pastel hue that offers an eye-catching contrast. You can style it with your favorite top and matching shoulder bag in a complimentary light color that is sure to complement the garment's sensational shade!

Lavender High Waisted Cargo Pants

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These go-anywhere style baggy cargo pants are perfect for the modern adventurer. Whether you're taking on a rugged outdoor adventure or starting your day with a bike ride to work, these streetwear masterpieces will take you through it all in comfort and style. Give your wardrobe a statement and experiment with creating bold new looks.

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