Streetwear Aesthetics | Find Your Aesthetic at AXCID Shop

Jan 02, 20
Streetwear Aesthetics | Find Your Aesthetic at AXCID Shop

We all want to stand out, but we also want to avoid being extra. No one wants to seem like they’re overdoing their streetwear aesthetics. Street style clothing is all about showing you don’t care, so you definitely don’t want to try too hard. To keep your aesthetic on point, wearing edgy streetwear well is a balancing act. You want to catch every eye in the room, but you don’t want to seem like you’re trying to get attention. Effortlessness is an important part of making sure your accessory game is on point. If you’re interested in edgy, ironic, and beautifully understated accessories to take your streetwear aesthetic to the next level, check out these pieces from AXCID Shop!


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Racer Aesthetic Accessories

Checkered patterns have not seen such an intense revival since the trend of checkered Vans in the early 2000’s emo movement. Racer aesthetic is back, and it adds a hot accent to any edgy streetwear outfit. The checkerboard look goes well with anything, and it’s particularly effective on bags and other such functional accessories. Furthermore, racing flames have made a comeback. True fashion rebels have noticed its ability to create one of the edgiest streetwear aesthetics. If you want to turn heads without caring, this is definitely the pattern for you.

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Vintage Sunglasses

  Brown retro sunglasses
black retro square sunglasses
white retro square sunglasses

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This is one trend that never really went away, and for good reason. Vintage sunglasses in all forms have added a level of freedom and eccentricity to streetwear since the 60’s. Huge and uniquely-shaped frames add the appearance of psychedelic insight to your streetwear look, and since you just have to slip them on as you head out the door, they give you the appearance of not caring what some high-fashion snob thinks of you. For one of the most timeless standards in streetwear aesthetics, you can't go wrong with vintage sunglasses!

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Grunge and Punk Earrings

edgy streetwear earring

If you’re on this blog, odds are you’ve got roots in alternative culture. Even if you don’t, however, don’t be afraid to adopt some controversial styles! The punk and grunge scenes are the birthplace of many fashion staples that have made their way even into mainstream fashion, and we tend to create these statements without even trying. To pay homage to this abrasive subculture, an accent with a DIY feel, such as safety pin or chain earrings, can add that finishing touch to an effortless, edgy streetwear ensemble. A highly credible streetwear aesthetic choice, punk dangle earrings are sure to turn heads.

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Mix and Match Styles

No matter what accessories are specifically you, you can benefit by borrowing from a lot of different styles, and who cares if they clash? Avocado socks with a flame choker? Baggy aesthetic graphic tees with egirl boots? Go for it. Layer up Aesthetic Crop top on aesthetic sweater vest and pair up the baggy aesthetic jeans? Why not?

To make it little easy for you to mix and match styles, we’ve rounded up the best of the hottest Must-Have Summer Streetwear Styles for Women. Check it out! Streetwear is all about subverting expectations, so dive right in. Don’t forget to tag us on Insta to show off your unique take on streetwear, and to become one of our AXCID babes! Rock on, hottie!