Hot Right Now: Biggest Summer 2020 Trends in Streetwear Fashion

Feb 18, 20
Hot Right Now: Biggest Summer 2020 Trends in Streetwear Fashion

A new decade is upon us, and that means a whole new beginning for the fashion world. Summer is a time to be social and active, making new connections and living your best life. With a new year comes new ideas about trends and fashions, and if we’re being completely honest, the tight and “hipster”-inspired looks that dominated the fashion of the 2000s and 2010s are starting to feel a bit old and boring. Decades have come and gone, and it’s time for a change.

New friendships and parties are a staple of the summertime, and to enjoy them, you’ll need clothes that are comfortable and stylish, sexy and functional. When it comes to summer streetwear style, there are plenty of unique styles inspired by decades worth of subcultural fashion ready to make you stand out from the crowd. Here’s our guide to the biggest summer streetwear trends to get you ready for 2020.

glitter dress for summer

Dresses, Dresses, and more Dresses

We’re no stranger to the little black dress, but what about a little glitter dress? What about a little floral dress? Streetwear is all about forgetting the established rules of fashion etiquette, and if recent years have taught us anything, it never hurts to be a little extra. In the summer months, you’re always going to be looking to cut down on fabric, but don’t restrict your dress selection based on color. Try something completely off the wall, and the results will blow your mind!

Two Pieces

Commonly considered some of the most stunning party clothes, two piece outfits are simple, eye-catching, and honestly, pretty easy. A good two piece ensemble tells everyone around you that you’re the life of the party, and there are plenty of styles to choose from that represent aesthetics from grunge to disco. This is one of the most important summer streetwear styles to consider when you’re looking to make an impression. When assembled and worn correctly, you’ll be a walking party waiting to happen!

Punk Accessories

DIY Punk Earrings

Even in mainstream culture, emulating the punk look has remained one of the most sought after aesthetics for streetwear. The problem with this is that punk clothing is often really restrictive, and in the summer months, ain’t nobody got time for that! If you still want to pursue this aesthetic for your summer streetwear, however, we have your solution: punk accessories. Several different types of chokers and necklaces can achieve this, as well as imitation DIY earrings that resemble chains or safety pins. A little touch of punk jewelry can give you that aggressive feel without weighing you down. Edgy accessorizing can make absolutely any outfit pop with summer streetwear style.

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