Hot Tumblr Style Grunge Fashion Trends

Apr 02, 20
Hot Tumblr Style Grunge Fashion Trends

Tumblr style often goes for the throwback option. Today's hottest Tumblr trends scored their inspiration from the 1990s. Right now, grunge style from Tumblr is getting all of the hype! Tumblr grunge has taken over every part of the fashion world, not just clothing. It's found in popular grunge hairstyles, accessories, and even attitudes. It's no wonder, given that the grunge trend is so versatile. It shows up in many fashion subcultures, as well, including rockabilly and swing. With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the hottest grunge fashion trends inspired by Tumblr.

Still Mad about Plaid (and Flannel)

a pair of green plaid trousers

Tumblr style often pays homage to throwback trends. That goes for grunge, too. Plaid flannel shirts are still all the rage, with a modern twist. Bigger is better—but don’t make the mistake of thinking it will look frumpy or conservative. Wear your button-down flannel over a sexy undershirt to show off ALL your best assets. Back in the '90s, it was all about spaghetti straps. Now, crop tops are your new go-to.

Don't save the plaid for your shirts, though. Plaid pants and skirts are must-haves for grunge. They offer an undeniable edge. You have to be confident and full of attitude to pull off such a bold look. Make sure you pair your plaid bottoms with combat boots to show you mean business.

Distressed Details

distressed denim shorts with chains

Grunge doesn't conform. It's individual and a little defiant, characterized by a devil-may-care recklessness. It's no surprise that distressed details are a major Tumblr grunge style. The worn-out look goes beyond ripped jeans and frayed denim shorts, however. This time around, make sure you layer your shorts and mini skirts over ragged hosiery, such as tights with runs or fishnets, to add a touch of edgy feminine sexiness.

Cropped Sweaters

an orange cropped sweater

One of the things we love about Tumblr style is its tendency to snag a throwback trend, then transform it into something cuter and more modern. Remember how grunge was all about oversized sloppy sweaters you grabbed off a rack at a thrift store? They were the signature of grunge rockers everywhere. Well, forget about ill-fitting cardigans. Modern grunge is all about cropped sweaters.

Wear them with high-waist trousers or oversize pants. Troll the shops for some old JNCOs or something. You can wear cropped sweaters with anything, but to really make the look stand out, make sure the colors are bright and eye-catching. The new grunge style Tumblr look isn't quite as morose as the original.

The Tumblr style of grunge is still about rebellion. It takes a non-conformist attitude to rock the trend. When you shop at AXCID, you'll find everything you need for a modern grunge look, with a streetwear edge that will make you stand out above the crowd. Browse through our bottoms and tops for grungy staples, then sign up with your email to score 10% off your first purchase with us. Stay fresh and sassy with AXCID Shop, babes!