How to Modify Your Edgy Aesthetic Clothing for Each Season

Feb 11, 20
How to Modify Your Edgy Aesthetic Clothing for Each Season

When it comes to the world of expressing yourself through fashion, sometimes the weather can be the biggest buzzkill of all. No matter what season, people are always lamenting the inferior fashion catalogue and the way the temperature outside limits your options for self-expression. For example, some of the trendiest looks out there only really work in cold weather, and we often long for the comfort of summer clothes during those cold winter months.

If you’ve only just begun to explore your edgy aesthetic through your clothing, nothing will discourage you more quickly than having to change everything up by buying a whole new batch of seasonal clothing. We think that it’d be an absolute shame if you give up on the clothing that represents your edgy aesthetic so soon just because of a little change in weather. For that reason, we’ll take you season by season to find the perfect edgy aesthetic clothing for any occasion!


Depending on where you are, there can be a lot of wiggle room for heavier or lighter clothing, but let’s just assume that the weather is ideally mild. Fall always seems like a time to make new connections and prepare for holidays and excitement. Needless to say, you’ll want to put your best fashion foot forward. Aesthetic Jeans and embroidered pants can make great seasonal clothing around this time, keeping your legs warm but not too warm and bucking the boring old skinny jean style. You should also consider layering pieces and light outerwear like long sleeve mesh top and velvet tops.

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During the winter, you’re going to be bracing yourself for the cold. This may be restrictive to some of your favorite outfits, but tons of new winter aesthetic options will open up, too. For a unique grunge look, flannel, scarves, and cardigans can be particularly effective. A plush zip up hoodie can add an extremely edgy aesthetic to any clothing ensemble, and allows you to combine functionality and style.

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Spring is a time of new beginnings, so make it your time to shine after being bundled up for the winter! Cute aesthetic graphic tees and loose jeans can make an edgy aesthetic clothing combination. Furthermore, there are several one-piece styles such as a mini bodycon dress that stand out in their simplicity. Simple, single layer styles stand out well in the spring, particularly after months of wearing several layers of outerwear.

Edgy aesthetic seasonal clothing


For the months that you’ll be wearing the least in clothing, you’ll want to stand out as much as you possibly can. Summer is a time most associated with partying and a carefree lifestyle, and you can take your look to the next level with any number of two-piece combinations. Mini skirts are a great way to give your clothing that edgy aesthetic, and if you’re feeling a bit bare, you can never go wrong with adding any number of aesthetic accessories. Follow up these inspiring Must Have Summer Streetwear Look and mix & match your favourite one.

Don’t let the weather get your down, or inhibit your streetwear style! With these tips, you can rock an edgy, defiant look in every season. Check out our aesthetic y2k clothing collections to update your wardrobe this season.