Introducing AXCID World: Take Over The World With Urban Street Fashion

Oct 08, 20
Introducing AXCID World: Take Over The World With Urban Street Fashion

Three words. Eighteen letters. Say it, and I'm yours—urban street fashion. AXCID is on top of the world. Our streetwear is trending on Instagram and turning heads on the streets. We are conquering the urban street fashion world with the coolest streetwear out there and babe, you are coming with us. Don’t miss the opportunity to shine — it's time to choose your armor.

Streetwear is a Nexus of Creativity And Cool

Our vintage was once another babe's 'new'. Since time immemorial, fashion has reflected the society it resides in. This is a new era for AXCID and from crazy LA to the wilds of Wall Street, we are disrupting the status quo with streetwear so hot everyone’s talking about it. Urban street fashion reflects the tempo and feel of the moment, and we are feeling fierce, empowered, and unapologetically bold. Our streetwear is a collection of modern-day heirlooms that future hustlers will covet and queue for. Welcome to the age of butterflies and barbed wire, Mesh Betches, and badasses. Hun, you are an AXCID Babe, and you're straight-up fire. Add a sense of adventure and rugged appeal to your wardrobe with these Must-Have Summer Streetwear Styles. Check it out!

In a World of White Noise, Clothes Are Our Shared Language

The AXCID Shop isn't just about sick streetwear. We are creating a platform for self-invention and self-expression. AXCID’s urban street fashion is an anthropical experience, telling the world who we are and where we are going. You won't have to say a word, because an AXCID design speaks for itself. We all know that when it comes to cool streetwear, confidence is a one-size-fits-all accessory. We are going to wear our skirts with sass, make a T-shirt feel like a power outfit, and turn the streets into our runway. While we’re at it, AXCID babes might just make fetch happen.

Urban Street Fashion Should Make You Feel Hot And Look Cool

AXCID babe wearing her butterfly sky mesh crop top

AXCID World is an electrifying paradox. Here, the top of the world is on the streets, where streetwear makes you feel hot and look cool. It is a world where fashion is both a sign of the times and a reflection of your personal identity. AXCID is inviting you to join the revolution to reshape the landscape of urban street fashion. Daring designs are the medium we use to vocalize our sense of self so that everyone, from the Postmates delivery guy to the hot date you ghosted, knows you are a force to be reckoned with and a style icon for the ages.

Planes may be grounded and life has been in lockdown, but you don't need a passport to travel around AXCID World. Stay home and stay street because we offer free worldwide shipping – no babe gets left behind, so step into our online AXCID Shop today. We are bougie on a budget, and we are taking over.