Rule The World With Streetwear Essentials

Oct 08, 20
Rule The World With Streetwear Essentials

Babe, it's time to Marie Kondo that closet to make some space for your streetwear essentials. These items are the apex of cool and the building blocks for a sick streetwear look. Whether you are the new kid on the block or an established hypebeast, our street style pieces will make sure that your ensemble turns heads.

High Waist Babe Jeans

high waist babe jeans

The neutrality of denim makes these jeans one of the most versatile streetwear essentials in your wardrobe. The light washed denim fits in with the casual nature of the streetwear look, and this particular pair can go from weekday to weekend without missing a beat. Dress them up with a black mesh top and a sexy necklace while maintaining your edge in military-style boots or Doc Martens. Glow up for the weekend and pair them with a daring top in a bright color like neon green. Bold colors will have you feeling dope, so you’ll exude that essential streetwear attitude our babes are known for.

Kylie Purple Plush Chain Top

Woven pastel purple top with chain straps

With this streetwear essential, you don't have to eat kale or hit the gym to keep up with Kylie and Kim. Why we love it:

  1. The chain straps offset the solid purple tone, and this epitomizes how different textures can be as eye-catching as a pattern.
  2. Our AXCID babes dismantle the misconception that streetwear is limited to shirts, hoodies, and sneakers. This top embodies the bold, playful, and sexy side of the streetwear look.
  3. Streetwear reflects the diverse layers of urban life, and with this essential item, different textures work together to create a dynamic sense of place and purpose intrinsic to streetwear. Not everyone will understand the subtle nuances of your look, but in a way, that is what urban street fashion is all about.

Vintage Hearts Belt

Vintage green hearts beltCreating your look is a fine art, and when it comes to colors and patterns, there’s no limit. This can be overwhelming, so start by picking out a statement piece and build your outfit based on its color palette. This vintage heart belt is a combination of suave and sass that works perfectly with a butterfly top and high waist jeans.

Oversized button up tee with a flame design

Flame Button Up Tee

Our All Fired Up collection is coming in hot. Embrace the freedom of streetwear with a unisex flame button up tee. This streetwear essential is casual, comfortable, and stylish AF.

The Classic Cotton Tee With an AXCID Logo

Black t-shirt with chrome ACXID logoA logo shows that you are aligned with a particular style tribe, but it can also send the price tag to unreachable heights. The AXCID logo champions our brand philosophy – to make the coolest streetwear accessible to all. Irony is the foundation of a good streetwear look, so pair this casual tee with high waist business trousers.

Raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimized by streetwear price tags. AXCID has you covered – check out our Under $25 collection to level up your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Now get online babe, because we're going shopping and our AXCID Collections have covered all the essentials. We’ve rounded up some of the Inspiring Must-Have Summer Streetwear Styles for you so Check it out & choose your style! We have four for you and none for Gretchen Weiners. Bye.