10 Trendy Summer Aesthetic Outfits for Women in 2021

Aug 23, 21
10 Trendy Summer Aesthetic Outfits for Women in 2021

This year's new aesthetic is all about colorful outfits that are fresh and fun. These summer-inspired looks will make you want to go out in public just so people can see how good you look! So, get ready because these trendiest of trends will start popping up everywhere soon enough. In this post, we're highlighting 10 trendy summer aesthetic outfit ideas for women that are sure to take your style game from drab to fab.

1. Sexy Flower Bodycon Mini Dress for Summers

The first trend that we're highlighting is the bodycon dresses for women! This look features a floral print on a form-fitting, tube bodice with spaghetti straps and an A-line skirt.

Blue Hibiscus Flower Print Bodycon Dress

This mini party dress screams summer and will have you feeling sexy and confident. The length is super short, so make sure to wear a slip or something underneath for the sake of modesty! And while this color combo says "summer," it's also versatile enough for fall too. We recommend wearing this look with some strappy sandals if you're going for more of an evening vibe.

2. Chic White Mini Skirt & Crop Top

The next trend is the chic Mini skirt & Hollow Out Tube Top Set. This look features a fitted, high-waisted miniskirt with an elasticized waistband in order to keep it up. The hollow out tube top has a string to tie up around your neck. This two-Piece Set is simple enough for any occasion but still manages to be sexy thanks to its color!

Mini skirt & Hollow Out Tube Top Set

We love how this crop top and high-waisted skirt set screams "summer”! We recommend accenting the whole thing with a pair of sunglasses or some cute flats if you want something more casual. If you've got somewhere fancy like a party coming up soon, throw on some heels for the perfect evening look!

3. Aesthetic Crops

Aesthetic Crop Tops scream summer because of its breezy feel but it's also perfect for fall too thanks to its neutral colors! We love how simple this outfit is; it's basically like wearing shorts with long sleeves! If you're looking for something more casual, we recommend checking out our stylish tops for women’s collection and throwing on some sandals or flats while still keeping the rest of the ensemble intact. And if you want something fancier, throw on heels and some cute earrings (or maybe even an infinity scarf!) with Cute street style tops.

Dark Gray Glitter Hollow Out Crop Top Pastel Patchwork Crop Top Leopard Spaghetti Strap Top

4. The Romantic Mini Dress

This beautiful summer mini dress features delicate lace trim. The dress is the perfect choice for any occasion where you want to look feminine and beautiful. The Romantic Mini Dress can be worn with flats or some cute heels depending on your mood! The Mini Bodycon Dress is trending now and will be in the near future. This dress can also be worn with some nice sandals or wedges! It's best to wear this type of dress on a warm day, so make sure you're comfortable!

Lace Patchwork Mini Dress

5. Oversized Tee Dress

The Aesthetic graphic tees trend is a best-seller for women's fashion, and the oversized tee dress has become a wardrobe staple. The new summertime versions of the graphic tees for women have more coverage for those who might be looking to cover up during warmer months. This style of dress can range from being loose but flattering to bearing low necklines that show some skin. It offers many different options in terms of personal preferences with how much you want to wear it as well as what type of fabric you prefer it made out of such as cotton or linen; both are popular choices this season!

 Los Angeles Harajuku Tee

6. Black Mesh Tops With Shorts

Aesthetic Mesh Tops can be best styled with shorts for a more youthful and summery look. The black mesh top has short sleeves, a scoop neckline, wide straps, and is sleeveless with an open back. The Women’s Mesh Tops can be paired with denim shorts or colored capris for the best of both worlds depending on what you are looking to wear this Summer. The dark hue will guarantee that it won't get dirty easily so cleanliness is not much of a concern when using this top in your wardrobe especially if you use it as part of your Summer Outfit Plan!

Black Mesh Crop Top

7. Cool Knitted Argyle Plaid Set for College Girl Look

The argyle plaid is a classic pattern that never goes out of style. With every year, the patterns and colors change subtly to keep up with current trends while still sticking to its roots. This Knitted Argyle Plaid 2 Piece set has an elegant feminine touch thanks in part to the soft pink color scheme along with light blue accents on buttons down through the skirt and socks. The slouchy sweater vest also gives it a casual look perfect for lounging at home after one too many hours spent studying!

Y2k Knitted Argyle Plaid 2 Piece Set

8. Y2k Fashion Clothing - Nostalgic Way Of Dressing

This summer, you can enjoy the feel of nostalgia with Y2k fashion. This is a style that includes many colours and patterns from the 2000s. The Y2k inspired fashion clothing is usually made of cotton or neoprene fabric in vibrant prints to give off an artistic vibe. You can wear these items on their own, layer them over sleeveless shirts for more coverage during cooler weather, create your own Y2k clothing look by adding accessories such as jewelry and belts; or combine it with other styles to achieve trendy impressions!

9. Baggy Bottoms

Women’s Baggy jeans have been a trend for some time now, but it is still worth mentioning. Pair the High waisted cargos with an oversized shirt and you’ll look great! The best part is that these can be mixed up easily by adding different shoes or switching out tops.


High Waisted Black Jeans High Waisted Distressed Baggy Jeans


This outfit will make your legs seem longer than they really are because of how the fabric lays on them when worn loose in this style. You may want to add flats though if you plan on walking around outside as much so that you don't trip over your own feet since there isn't any support from heel straps like regular jeans would provide when worn tight against your legs.

10. Aesthetic Accessories For Each Outfit

Lastly, you may want to consider accessories for your outfits. A pair of Aesthetic Accessories like dangly earrings or a statement necklace can really take something simple and make it more chic. You don't need much jewelry like this though - even just one accessory that pops will do the trick!

 Khaki Corduroy Backpack

Gold Chain Alligator Shoulder Bag      Jade Platform Black Leather Boots

Layered chains necklaces are also a good option. If you have a necklace that has several layers, like one long strand and then smaller ones underneath it or two necklaces intertwined with each other, go ahead and layer them together so they are showing all at once!

Aesthetic Bags are also a great accessory. A clutch or cross-body bag can be the perfect accent to any outfit, and it gives you somewhere to store your phone if you want to leave your hands free for other things!

The Bottom Line

Finally, if you're looking for places that sell trendy Aesthetic outfits or accessories online, Axcid Shop is an aesthetic clothing stores! We always carry new styles every season so you should be able to help you find some fun items for your wardrobe.