Summer Streetwear: Must-Have Styles for Women

Jun 12, 21
Summer Streetwear: Must-Have Styles for Women

We have all possibly been cooped up for way too long due to the pandemic and have definitely spent the better part of the past few months planning for the warmest season of the year! Are you ready for beach vacations, meeting up with vaccinated pals, the occasional drink at the bar? And, of course, you would need a variety of summer streetwear clothing ideas! 

If you are looking to play catch up on what to wear and where to wear it, we’ve rounded up the best of the hottest trends in women’s street style clothing. With these cool combinations, you will be prepped for every summer event on your list!

Talk Streetwear with Crop Tops

1. Lace Crop Tops:

The lace crop top is a blend of rich and classy fabric that gives a sassy touch to your look. If you love distressed jeans, classic trousers, office-style skirts, or trendy shorts, you can always add a lace crop top to them all and look absolutely fabulous. The lace crop tops are a perfect fit with any piece of clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Summer Crop Tops

2. Y2K Crop Tops:

Crop tops are a great summer staple. They’re perfect for hot days with their mini style and are also excellent for summer as you don’t have to layer up too much. The Y2K crop top is at its best when worn with high-waisted clothing pieces or layered over dresses.

Y2K Streetwear Tops

3. Knitted Crop Top:

The knit crop top is designed for comfort with knit fabric that gives you a feeling of love and warmth. The stretchy and elastic fabric lets you keep your head in the fashion game and glow while you pair it with pants and sneakers. 

Streetwear Crop Tops


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Speak Bold with Tank Tops

1. Y2K Tank Tops:

Tank tops are a very versatile piece of street style outfit that can be styled in a ton of different ways; whether you are opting for a more dressed-up or a casual look, tank tops can bring that touch of simplicity that you need to bring your outfit together. Make your Y2K tank top the center of attention by pairing it with your favorite pair of jeans, skirt, or leggings with some great aesthetic accessories!

Y2K Tank Tops

2. Patchwork Tank Tops:

When you have such elegant and colored tank tops you shouldn’t layer it underneath t-shirts or shirts! Style up your patchwork tank tops with denim or leggings. The patchwork on your tank top emphasizes your stylish appearance. So, pair up this amazing patchwork tank top with the best you have and become an inspiring fashion icon. 

Patchwork Tank Tops

Tees for Comfort

1. Dress Tees:

Tees are a must-have addition to your closet! They’re a great option if you are looking for a low-key vibe. But you can also dress them up. There’s no need to fuss around with buttons or hook-and-eye closures. All you have to do is throw them over your head. Simply throw in an old pair of denim, and you are good to go!.

Streetwear Tees

2. Printed tees:

If you feel that graphic tees aren’t the most versatile item, then you are mistaken! Printed or graphic tees are the most versatile streetwear and you can simply wear them with jeans and kicks, or you can also match it up with heels or even a dressy skirt! With so many options to choose from, printed tees are also the best choice for occasions when you can’t figure out what to wear!

Streetwear Graphic Tees

Stay Classy with Denim Shorts

1. Printed Denim Shorts:

Denim shorts, of course, need to be on your list of summer streetwear! They are wearable, functional, and a great go-to clothing piece for summer. Own this pair of denim shorts and pair them with crop tops! Enjoy a mix of casual and glam in your wardrobe with these denim shorts. 

Buy Denim Shorts

2. Denim High waisted Ring Shorts:

Denim high-waisted ring shorts are definitely a go-to summer savior. You can rock this streetwear with a striped tee and sandals for an easy, effortless daytime look. Though it might take trial and error to find what suits your style, denim high-waisted ring shorts are worth a try. 

High waisted Ring Shorts

Bonus: Accessorize your summer streetwear!

1. Shoulder Bag:

Spice up your outfit with a stylish yet compact shoulder bag. This is a popular way to accessorize your summer streetwear. A small trendy shoulder bag helps you carry all the essentials and avoid unnecessary weightlifting. Shoulder bags are always trending and in fashion with any choice of styling you choose. 

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2. Layered Necklace:

From golden pendants to pearl drops to zodiac charms, layered necklaces are taking over the fashion trend. Layered necklaces have the potential to become a well-loved classic and an accessory technique that, once mastered, can pump your style quotient.

Buy Aesthetic Necklace

3. Luxury Adjustable Belt:

From summer dresses to street style, this throw-and-go adjustable belt is what makes dressing so simple. Add a chic belt to your dress to your look for the stylish update you are looking for. Make the best of it to create contrast or to balance out a more oversized design. Either way, this luxury adjustable belt will just do about everything.

Buy Luxury Belt

So, what are you waiting for? 

And that’s a wrap! While we all love the latest women’s street fashion trends, no wardrobe is complete without these streetwear essentials. Unleash your creativity and combine outfits and take your style quotient to the next level. Game up your style this summer season and bring home the essentials to your closet with Axcid Shop!
What summer streetwear fashion do you wish to try? Tell us in the comments below!