Three 90s Grunge Icons We Love

Jun 15, 20
Three 90s Grunge Icons We Love

Grunge. Even the word just has an edge to it. A true grunge queen or king knows it but doesn’t flaunt it. They know how to accessorize with mesh, leather, and denim to create truly intense looks. Most grunge icons in the 90s could walk right from a house party to a photoshoot for Rolling Stone without changing a thing. That’s the beauty of a grunge icon. They’ve got an edge that goes anywhere, and they just don’t care.

Style is what you make of it, and these 90s babes made grunge what it is today. Even though it’s been 21 years since the 90s, the grunge aesthetic has only grown. If you want to look #trendyAF, look to these dreamy grunge icons for some killer inspo.

Johnny Depp

It’s the hair. It’s the beanie. It’s the leather jacket. In the 90s, Johnny Depp was dripping with grunge clout. It’s impossible to forget some of this actor’s best vintage looks. You could regularly find Depp floating through interviews in a graphic tee/blazer look that still looks hot today.

To get the iconic 90s Depp look, play with a monochrome streetwear palette. Stay with dark blues, grays, and black to create moody, brooding outfits. Pair a statement tee or tank with a blazer, leather jacket, or denim jacket. Grunge icons like Depp finish out the look with loose-fitting pants.

Winona Ryder

woman wearing grunge leather jacket

 If we’re going to crown a queen of 90s grunge fashion icons, Winona Ryder might be next in line. Like Depp, many of her films ventured on the creepy. Her dark, grunge aesthetic bled over from roles in dark comedies like Heathers and Beetlejuice. Stepping out in a leather-clad look with a denim mini skirt, Ryder constantly pushes the boundaries of what it means to be a grunge icon.
If you want to look like Ryder in her most iconic 90s glory, you don’t have to go for a floor-length black robe. Grunge is all about being bold without being extra. 90s Winona would definitely be vibing high-key with the Mesh Betch Collection. With mesh, you can cover up while still bordering on the risque.

Drew Barrymore

This Scream queen has continued to redefine her look over the years. Some might be surprised that she was at the epicenter of fashion as one of many grunge icons in the 90s. Her denim on denim looks were #iconic, and a bold lipstick with her angelic blonde hair made her the epitome of an alternative babe.

To look like Barrymore, it’s all about simple fits paired with hot accessories. Try a simple top with an oversized denim jacket and a vibrant 90s belt.

Get Grunge With The Greatest

If you want to look like a punk princess, look to these bold and stylish 90s grunge fashion icons. Each grunge icon has a unique vibe to their look. Trying a new trend is all about choosing what works for you. Find in grunge the elements that make you feel like a true icon and scrap what doesn’t. At AXCID Shop, we have the tools to help you find your 90s-inspired grunge look on a budget.