Top 6 Aesthetic Outfit Ideas

Aug 11, 21
Top 6 Aesthetic Outfit Ideas

It's 2021 and we're excited to see what is in store for fashion. In this blog post, we will talk about some of our favorite outfit ideas that are perfect for whatever mood you might be in. Whether you're feeling laid-back and casual or looking to spice up a date night out with your significant other, these outfits will have you covered! We hope these aesthetic outfit styling ideas will inspire you!

What is Aesthetic Fashion?

Aesthetic fashion is the way of creating outfits that are visually appealing to the human eye. This can be achieved by pairing different colors, textures or patterns together in aesthetically pleasing ways. Aesthetics also includes how garments fit and drape on your body shape. The most important aspect when styling an outfit is repetition - each garment needs to have a similar color or pattern to the others for the outfit to look cohesive.

Aesthetic fashion can be found in almost every niche and style, from streetwear to high-end luxury brands.

1. Super Duper Cute Crop Cami Tops

Crop cami tops are super cute and perfect for Spring and Summer. They're so easy to style with your favorite denim shorts or jeans, sandals (which you can wear in practically any season!), a cozy cardigan, or even some combat boots if the mood strikes you! Wear them alone as an outfit or team it up with other pieces like leggings, skirts, dresses--you name it! The options are endless.

There's something about these aesthetic cropped tops that just make every girl feel amazing when they put one on!

Tip--Crop tops are a super-easy way to make any outfit more stylish, and they come in so many different colors. If you're unsure of which one to buy, experiment with neutrals like white or black for a classic look that will never go out of style! Check out Axcid’s aesthetic crop tops collection to add your faves to cart.


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2. Choose Pastel To Create A Vibrant Look

Incorporate pastel colors in your wardrobe and style up your outfit. Or, put on pastel colors and match them with other bright colors for a fashionable look. If you are going to create an earthy vibe in the summertime, remember that brown is always the perfect choice or mix up with grey tones. If you are going to wear pastel colors in the wintertime, mix it up with dark tones like black or burgundy. The result is a perfect balance of color and style!

Here are some other ways to style up pastel shades:

- Wear a pastel shade top and bottom, then add a pop of color with dark shoes.
- Dress in all neutral colors for an easy everyday look that will last you longer than just one season.
- Complete your outfit by adding an edgy piece or two to create the perfect contrast from innocent to sexy!


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    3. Love for Tie-dye

    The perfect way to add some flair and color is through Tie-Dye. Tie-dyed clothes are a must have attire to add more colors to your wardrobe, so do not be afraid to explore this trend! If you want to explore more tie-dyed styles, then mix different patterns together for a similar effect. For example, mix two of the same shirt or dress but in different colors. This is not limited to shirts and dresses; you can also do this with skirts and pants.

    Here are two simple ways to style up your tie-dye outfits

    - Add more color to your life by adding some bright, patterned clothes into the mix: try out an eye-catching printed skirt or throw on one of those crazy harem pants that are everywhere right now. 
    - For something subtly different but still stylishly bold, wear two pieces from the same outfit - just don't forget about contrasting textures; floral skirts go well with denim button ups!

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    4. Try Bodycon Dresses

    Bodycon mini dresses are versatile and can be styled for work, a date night, or even an event. You may wear it with your favorite heels and some jewelry to give you that extra edge! Who says we have to sacrifice comfort just because of the season?

    Nowadays, there are so many ways in which we can style our bodycon without having to compromise on comfort- from outfits where they serve as tops paired together with skirts/pants and other bottoms through separates like jeans or sweatpants. And if you're looking for something dressier than what's offered at stores then don't worry because these versatile dresses also look great when worn over tights!

      Satin Backless Dress   Sky Blue Patchwork Mini Sheath Dress
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    5. 2000s Wide Leg Baggy Jeans

    Baggy jeans are perfect for styling. They can be paired with a t-shirt for more of an edgy vibe or layered with some comfy sweaters to create that cuddly, cozy feel you're looking for! These jeans are one of the most popular styles around right now and they work especially well in casual settings. Wear them while lounging around your house watching Netflix (or catching up on Instagram) and enjoy how laid back these wide legs make you look.

    They also keep their shape really well which means less time steaming at the dry cleaners once they inevitably get spilled on by ketchup from those fries you couldn't resist ordering late night after finishing off that bottle of wine left over from Friday's party!

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    6. Plaid Pattern for Aesthetic Look

    Plaid pattern pants or sweaters are great for a more aesthetic look. The plaid pattern is in trend and it doesn't matter what color or type of fabric you use, the effect will be stunning. Choose an outfit that includes a shirt with this print for a modern-day bohemian vibe.

    Another great option would be to own some shirts with black & white stripes, they are easy to combine but still offer variety when styling them up. Pair these printed tops with dark denim jeans for stylish and relaxed vibes - just make sure your shoes match!

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    The year 2021 is shaping up to be a wild time for fashion -- we’re seeing more and more trends that challenge what it means to dress in an "aesthetic" way. No longer are you limited to just one aesthetic clothing (think: grunge, gothic lolita, cyberpunk) - there's room now for all of them!