What is Streetwear Style: A Complete Guide on Streetwear

Oct 11, 21
What is Streetwear Style: A Complete Guide on Streetwear

Streetwear style has always been a defining feature in the fashion industry. It is known for its gritty, urban appearance and focuses on individualism. Streetwear brands are typically unisex, but they're meant to be worn by both men and women. However, there are some distinctions between male streetwear and female streetwear that will need to be discussed before we can get into the finer nuances of what streetwear really means in today's society. 

As you read this blog post, you'll learn everything you could possibly want or need to know about this specific type of fashion so that when it comes time for you to shop for your next outfit or purchase new clothing online, then you'll know what to look for.

What Is Streetwear Fashion?

The term streetwear has its origin in the USA, more precisely on the streets of New York City. It refers to a style of clothing that is part of the Hip-Hop culture, and that was very popular for several decades. There are endless debates regarding what actually defines streetwear fashion, especially since many brands strive to create new styles every season. Therefore, there must be some consensus regarding how it all started before we can decide who or what made it fashionable today.

In order to accomplish this objective, let's travel back in time and take a look at three important moments from Hip Hop history which shaped streetwear as we know it today.

Streetwear Fashion in the 90s

This was by far one of the most important decades for streetwear fashion. It was the time when the movement became universally popular. Clothing brands embraced Hip Hop culture and started using its influences in their collections.

Therefore, streetwear fashion is closely related to urban wear. The latter refers to clothing designed for comfort and functionality. It emerged as a result of hip hop music becoming very popular among people from all backgrounds who wanted to dress like their favorite rappers or singers but didn't necessarily own expensive luxury clothing.

When it comes down to streetwear fashion trends, they were mainly driven by artist's unique styles and preferences which trickled down into what later on became "street style" and influenced various clothing items: caps, t-shirts, jackets, sneakers, etc., eventually becoming mainstream throughout Western society and beyond.

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Streetwear Fashion in the 80s

The second step in streetwear's history is its affiliation with Hip Hop music and culture as we know it today. If you take a look at movies back in the day, you will notice how members of this subculture were dressed differently from the average person. For example, they liked to wear loose-fitting clothing, which was not necessarily stylish but allowed them to be more agile and athletic when dancing. The fact that these characters were often seen wearing bandanas and gold chains helped establish certain style trends later on: streetwear fashion has always been about highlighting one's individuality, uniqueness, and status through clothing items such as jewelry.

On the other hand, if we also take a look at the fashion industry back in the 80s, we will notice that streetwear was in direct opposition to high fashion. For instance, they usually chose to use neutral colors and simple designs rather than colors or prints, which were too attention-grabbing; however, it seemed like brands started changing their mind in the 90s when they realized how popular this style had become.

Streetwear Fashion in the 70s

The third and final step in streetwear's history is its affiliation with breakdancing. If you take a look at movies from these times, you will notice how people would dress up before attending dance competitions where b-boying battles took place. This included wearing bandanas, tracksuits, and Chuck Taylor all-stars.

Although this was not necessarily streetwear fashion, the aforementioned clothing items eventually became street style staples. The idea of combining casual outfits with sports footwear is actually still used by many brands today.

So, as you can see, Hip Hop culture has played a crucial role in the development of streetwear fashion trends for several decades.

Different Types Of Streetwear Fashion Styles

In the past, streetwear fashion revolved around basics such as plain T-shirts, jeans, and shoes. And while that's still a major aspect of street style today, there are so many other elements involved in this unique scene. 

From old-school skate styles to fun, cartoon-printed hoodies, what you wear on your feet to your accessories can really make a statement about your sense of self. If you're looking for inspiration when it comes to wearing streetwear, check out some of these popular styles below.

1. Skatewear

This streetwear style was made popular in the 1970s and '80s by skateboarders who wanted a functional but cool look for skating. From cargo pants to personalized tees, it's easy to see why everyone from skaters to hip-hop stars has been embracing this look lately. Some other staple features in this style include baseball hats, beanies, flannels, skate sneakers, etc.

2. Techwear

This style mainly focuses on functionality and style. It takes items like cargo pants and military vests and styles them with luxe fabrics. It's a look that is popular with younger street style stars because it mixes functionality with great design.

If you want to try out Techwear, take a cue from Star Wars and wear a white or black base layer under a military vest or bomber jacket, then top your outfit off with sneakers and an accessorized backpack.

3. Athleisure

This relaxed streetwear style is popular among everyone, from college kids to adults who have an active lifestyle. You can spot this look by its stylishly sporty pieces that are just as much for everyday wear as they are for sweating at the gym.

When you opt for athleisure, make sure to think about your accessories first. You'll want to complete your outfit with items like sunglasses, sneakers, and backpacks before adding other pieces like jackets or sweatshirts to top off your look.

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Streetwear Fashion: The Hottest Craze In Town!

Streetwear is a style of clothing that focuses on comfort and functionality. It takes the best elements from other styles, such as skatewear or tech wear, and mixes them together to create an outfit that's not only fashionable but also practical for everyday use. Street fashion is a term used to describe the all-encompassing nature of streetwear and is a major movement in today's fashion industry.

So, what can you expect from street fashion? Everything from jeans and tees to sporty pieces like cargo pants and sneakers is fair game when it comes to streetwear-inspired outfits.

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